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This Ain't a John hughes movie, kid.
The reason I’ve been so absent from MilsoTV this week…

I was busy having stare-downs…

Smiling and cuddling…

And enjoying getting to make weird kissy-faces again with my handsome boyfriend while he was home for 2 and a half days! <3

I wish he didn’t have to go back to his base today. I’m looking forward to seeing him again in a month or so, though. :)

Last night, John told me he’s excited to see the engagement rings I picked out during this evening’s Skype date.

He said, “I would never have thought I’d be thinking about these things at 20. I especially never thought I’d get to be thinking about them with you.”

I asked him why he was thinking about it now if he never wanted to be engaged or married this young.

He said, “Because I love you so much, and I’m so happy. I’m so excited to give you all these things that you want because I want them, too.”


Frustrating when hours and hours pass and the boyfriend won’t answer the phone.

I have to go to work in the morning… all I want to do is say good night! :(

I have no idea what he’s doing so I’m about to go into one of my weird moods, aka, I should sleep before I get crazy and jump to conclusions.

Had a Skype date with John tonight for the first time in a week!

Turns out he won’t be coming home until the 1st of March now, but at least I have a solid date to count down to.

Now to start planning a Valentine’s Day care package since I won’t be seeing him that weekend…

Ideas, anyone?

Why is this not happening to me right now?!
Oooh, Miami! Taking my man&#8230; &gt;:(

Why is this not happening to me right now?!

Oooh, Miami! Taking my man… >:(

Had a really good Skype date with John.

As you can see from the picture I posted just before this, he was being strange and doing crazy eyes and making faces at me, which I love.

I went shopping today and modeled all of my new things for him, so that was fun.

He says the time is passing really slowly for him and he’s dying to come home. I was laying on my side for awhile and he kept doing this hand motion around the screen and saying, “I want all of that,” followed by “…on or around all of this,” and then he’d do the hand motion all over himself. It was cute. :)

I love him so much.

He&#8217;s making crazy eyes at me! I love my weird airman. 

He’s making crazy eyes at me! I love my weird airman. 

Just got to Skype John for an hour!

Nervous about the fact that he went to talk to an active recruiter again today, but so happy to see my airman smiling and actually hearing him say he loves me instead of reading it! :)

Just Google Mapped my relationship.

261 miles… big difference from the 1258.2 we were used to. Makes me feel a LOT better about him leaving today.

My airman just left again. :(

6 months, here we go.